My funds are still not in my bank account! 2 weeks already!

Roselyn_B16Roselyn_B16 Member Posts: 2
Hello Payoneer team, I've been exhausting my resources to get an answers from you and an update as per our conversations over live chat. You have promised to give me an update on or before January 30th. And still no nothing from you! This is exhausting and very poor customer service. This is money we are talking about! You should not take this lightly.

I have transferred my fund from my Payoneer account to my bank account on January 17th! And still no money in my account! This should get you alarmed. It over 2 weeks now and I'm still waiting for nothing!


  • Roselyn_B16Roselyn_B16 Member Posts: 2
    Here are my reference numbers should you need it: Reference Number: 200127-002630 and 200129-022367
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    Hi there,

    We do apologize for any delays and inconvenience. We certainly don't take this lightly.

    The reason it has taken so long up to this point is because we've been coordinating with our bank to get an update. We've not heard back yet. I'm afraid we'll have to wait to hear their response, which w hope will be in the next few days or so.

    You can always contact customer support to see if they have another update.


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