My card not yet approved!

Hi, i am Johura begum. i apply for a payoneer master card and uploaded my national card which is required.But 4-5 days have passed but my card is not yet approved.Please cheak my request of apply my card. My date of birth- 12-25-1942 . My name is- Johura Begum My email - [email protected] .Please approved my card and us payment service request as soon as possible.I give the screenshot of my card load page.



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    Please note that each application is reviewed in the order that it is received, and do our best to get to all of them as soon as we can.
    If you do not hear within 2-3 business days please contact me.

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  • johurabegum70johurabegum70 Member Posts: 3

    hellow david, thank you for your reponse. My reference number in our system is 2478482 .

    Please review my application and approved my payoneer card as soon as possible.

    I am waiting for approved my payoneer .

  • dimitrydimitry Member Posts: 1

    Hi, David. My reference number: LTK481072178940X. No answer since April, 19.

    There was a problem with the shipping address because it was in different country than my billing address. I don't mind if the shipping address be the same as my billing address. Could you please look at it?

  • DavidDavid Member Posts: 3,193 ✭✭✭

    @johurabegum70 - I have passed on your information, you should be receiving an update within a few days.


    @dimitry - Your information is currently waiting review, our approval department will notify you when they have an update.

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