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Hello to all Payoneer employees, I am very disappointed with you. I waited 8 working days for my money that has not yet been transferred. I haven't had any problems before, but I'm worried that I'm really not working with Payoneer anymore. I want to finally have my money and hear no more excuses from you. The support does not answer my questions.


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    Hi @MustafaTR, we can see that your contacted our support on the 02/03 and your case was already sent to our bank department for investigation. Our team we will notify you via e-mail once there is an update.

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    Is this the Payoneer class? 8 working days have passed. I always get the same answer. This answer does not help me. Your information should not take more than 5 working days. I will no longer recommend Payoneer. I will ask my employer to use a different payment method. @LauraPayoneer
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    @MustafaTR Hello,

    We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused, we should receive an update soon regarding your case. We ask you to kindly wait for that update via email.

    Thank you.

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