Disastrous and confusing start

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My employer has requested me to join Payoneer, and so I did....

During the register process I had many problems.

1st Captcha validation didn't work in my first browser (Opera). I tried it about 10 times. I could see the captcha perfectly but I was getting error messages all the time. I had to close the browser and start it again in another, then it worked

2nd. Verification questions were terrible! The majority about my older sibling (who does not exist), my children (who do not exist), my spouse (who does not exist) and my spouse relatives (who do not exist). Also questions about my favourite teachers (never had any favourite), first teacher (I had several ones and I don't remember their names)... i had to start over and over again to change the questions. And thanks god I'm not an orphan, otherwise registration would be completely impossible as the other questions were regarding grandparents.

3rd On my the attempt I reached the "end" Payoneer asked me to choose between Paypal, bank transfer and Payoneer card... right at the moment i was registering and with zero information about it... so I closed it and started again.

4th when I tried it again, not using my employer URL, I managed to register and Payoneer has not asked me any payment method. Yet now my account has been set in dollars despite all information i've put is that I live in Europe, I am a European citizen, my IP is European and no questions about currency were asked! How am I supposed to switch to euros?


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    Dear @Enric. We're very sorry to hear about the problems you've had with the platform. It is definitely not the type of experience that you should have as your first use of Payoneer.

    Regarding the browser issue, Opera 46 or higher is a browser usually supported by Payoneer. When experiencing technical issues, we usually recommend to try a different browser or clean your cookies/cache and try it again.

    About the security answers, these are general questions designed based on the majority of the Payoneer's customers profile. You will be able to update your secure answer by clicking the “Update Profile” tab under the “Settings” menu.

    As we could check , you were able to complete your Payoneer account registration. You have an account with balances in EUR, USD and GBP. This means that you are able to receive payments in these 3 currencies. Also, you are able to withdraw your payments to the EUR bank account registered by you.

    To have more information about how to receive payments on your Payoneer account, you can always refer to the Support center on this link - https://payoneer.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/21459

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