could we have an update please

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1 - what is current status of Payoneer being allowed to issue preloaded MC to contractors in India


2 - what is current status of Payoneer using bank to bank Global Payments to pay contractors in India


3 - has Payoneer considered using  a lower threshold for bank to bank payments to be competitive with you competitor who charges a flat rate of $5




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    Due to RBI regulations, non-Indian companies are prohibited from issuing cards to Indian residents. This includes Payoneer.


    Our Global Bank Transfer service is available to Indian residents (for partners of ours that offer it) at only $5.95 per payment. This is an innovative payment solution as funds are sent from a local bank in India, in INR. This is a local transfer and is much quicker and lower cost than standard international wire alternatives.

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    so, basically nothing new to report - Thanks Nissim

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