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Hello, I had to sign up to Payoneer to receive money from a company I work for. I signed up for a personal account, I just want to know why I then had to 'verify business' if I signed up as a personal account. Is this normal? I just put in the company I work fors URL and stated reason as 'salary' and that I am a teacher. Is this correct? Any guidance would be appreciated. Thank you


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    Please note the difference between an "individual account" and a "personal account". On Payoneer, all transactions should be done for business purposes. There is no such thing as an account for 'personal' transactions - all payments received are for business reasons (i.e: for work you've done). What you have is an individual account - an account meant for one person (yourself).

    Since Payoneer is for business reasons, we ask about the extent of your business transactions in an effort to verify your use of the system. From what you have stated, the answers you've submitted are sufficient.

    Thank you!

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