Google Pay In-Store payments (second thread)


I saw that you've closed my discussion on this thread: but I am not convinced your answer is right.

You can see based on this link that Google Pay In-Store Payments work with debit and credit cards: .

Check the Tokenization part:
Tokenization works slightly differently when Google Pay is facilitating in-store or online payments. However, here’s basically how payments work:
- A Google Pay user adds a credit or debit card to their Google Pay app. Google Pay requests a token to represent the card they’re trying to add from the bank that issued that card. Once the token is issued, this card is now “tokenized,” meaning it has a unique identification number associated with it. Google Pay encrypts the newly tokenized card and it is ready to be used for payments.

So I am asking, again, when can we use Google Pay In-Store Payments with Payoneer cards?



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    The linked article from Google's site says nothing about prepaid cards which is the issue. There is no doubt that they accept credit and debit cards, but a prepaid card is not the same as a standard credit or debit card that you get from your bank. We only provide prepaid cards. We know from experience that they don't accept prepaid cards as a payment method.

    You are more than welcome to ask Google yourself on their stance on prepaid cards, or take a deeper reading of the topic on their website.

    Thank you!


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