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Can I use my personal payoneer account such as [email protected] to collect donations for the foundation as the founder until I have registered the foundation name (Wikiafrimedia) in my country (Nigeria) and opened its bank account and payoneer account?

If possible, the donations will really help to cushion or even takes care of the cost of hosting projects like Wikiafripedia. Also, I will immediately use the first few donations I received to register the foundation name because, that's the proper way to instilled confidence in the hearts of donors or potential donors.

Please consider it carefully, I will be grateful if payoneer can give me a chance even for a limited period of time and on their terms.

Thank you.


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    @umoekagodman Hello,

    Unfortunately, this kind of service is not accepted for Payoneer payments.

    We do apologize, thank you.

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