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USD balance is not reflected on my Card balance.

kokonyein Member Posts: 1
I got this response from support

Dear Myo Min, my name is Mary we spoke on chat earlier today.

If order for you to be able to use the withdraw to bank service and pay a supplier service, we need you to provide a different ID and verify your account.

You request to cancel a payment is still under review with the relevant department. Once that payment is cancelled, your funds will return to your balance and you will still be able to use your card to withdraw the balance.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us back.

Thank you and good day!
Thank you,
Customer Care

Reference Number: 200330-020969
Your Customer ID: 32328609

but Balance is not reflected in my card balance , how can I withdraw with card. Confusing.

I am facing problem with ID verification. I explained the support that I only have ID card that I submitted but system not accepted. Money is in this payoneer account.

Both withdraw to bank and Psy a Supplier Service are restricted on my account and also balance is not reflected on my card. How to get this money.

I want to give it back to the sender "[email protected]" . This sender sent me 270$ at 30 Mar 2020. Now project is cancel because I can't get that money and That 270$ is his money. I have to give it back. How can I do that with those restrictions on my account. Now all government office are ceased with corono19 prevention, I can't get another ID card. In Myanmar All Citizen got the ID card that I submitted. Please reconsider my situation.


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