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Payoneer total fees

Hi, I used payoneer one time on 2018 , received a payment and paid the annual fee for 30$. Then the card expired and I had not used payoneer anymore. 2 months ago I ordered a new one, it arrived and I reactivated the card. Now I want to start accepting payments but I wanted to know how much fee I have to pay. Do I have to pay annual fee for last year even that I didn't use the payoneer?
I know that the annual fee is 30$, but do I have to pay more than that because I renewed the card or anything else. So I just want to know the total fee that I will have to pay when I start receiving payments.


  • GianmarcoPayoneer
    GianmarcoPayoneer Confirm Email, Administrator Posts: 2,241 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @liridonlahu Hello,

    The annual feed is only charged once the client has activity and from available balance on the card.

    Thank you.

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