Unable to Add Payoneer Account On Elance

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Dear I know my account is attached to Elance. So don't irritate me telling that thing every time.
Let I tell you from start the whole problem and issue. I have already an account on payoneer registered with [email protected]
I am a freelancer and user on Elance. There are different methods of withdrawals are on Elance. When I plan to add payoneer to my Elance Withdrawals menu I go to signup for a new payoneer account and signup with new email address [email protected]
After 2-3 days I recived email from payoneer that I have already payoneer account. That's true I have already an account on payoneer registered with [email protected]
After that I received a verification code on payoneer account registered with [email protected] I forwarded that verification to payoneer and after 2-3 days I received an email from payoneer mentioned that  payoneer merge my account [email protected] with [email protected]
But on Elance Withdrawals menu the status regarding Payoneer always shows me a pending process. Because on Elance I registered with [email protected] and application for  [email protected] was declined by payoneer because I have already a payoneer account in past. My mistake is that I Apply for new card I really doesn't know that If we have already a card we will not apply for new card.
So I wait around 2-3 weeks that elance add my payoneer account to Elance Withdrawals menu but it still shows a pending process. Than i decide to delete my account to Elance and Re add with my previous email address tabis[email protected] The Problem starts from here the payoneer account was deleted from my Elance withdrawals menu on my demand and request. Than I go to re add my account to elance withdrawals menu. When I go to link to re add my account to Elance that link redirected to me a payoneer 404 error page not an account adding page. I was thinking the issue is from elance but Elance support says that a Payoneer known issue and please Contact them and personally I am thinking that a payoneer issue not an elance issue because payoneer link is not working.  
Please Review the attached Images for review First one is Elance Financial Account Menu Image. In that I marked with arrow the issue and second one image is Payoneer Error Page Image. When on Elance withdrawals Menu I click on re add or sign up page of payoneer the link redirected me to an error page that shows in second Image.
I hope know you sort out the issue and solve the problem
Tabish Naqvi


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    Uploading Images failed every time i don't know why.

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