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Why Am I Getting Only Auto Res ponder Emails As Reply to all My Emails Via The Support Center

Hi, It Has Been A Full week of me sending emails to your support in regards to the Unusual delay in the Arrival funds arriving in My Local Bank account. I made the Transfer on the 23rd of march and got the usual confirmation email saying it should arrive in my account 2-5days...its been 10 plus business days and the funds haven't arrived....I Have sent 4 emails to the support team and have all received the same very unhelpful Auto response telling me my account is a new account and that I should Check My Account Details.My Account is 1 year old and I have done several withdrawal to bank with it....Like you Know, Times Are Hard and Every Dollar Precious... I Need this Issue resolved ASAP. My Customer ID number is ID 25209592
Let Me Know if you need other Details to sort this out


  • GianmarcoPayoneer
    GianmarcoPayoneer Confirm Email, Administrator Posts: 2,241 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @Autoclave Hello,

    We do apologize for the inconvenience. We are sorry to hear that the payment is yet to reach the destination bank account.

    As a first step, we want to make sure the bank details to which the payment was sent are correct.

    Please log in to your Payoneer online account. Once you have logged in, please follow these steps:

    Click on the "Settings" tab in your account and choose "Bank Accounts".
    Click on the relevant bank account which the funds were sent to in order to see more details.
    Check the bank account details.
    If the bank details for the payment were incorrect, the funds will bounce back to your Payoneer account in up to 14 business days and we will notify you about it.

    If the bank details on the statement are correct, please reply directly to this thread.

    Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

  • DeleHammed
    DeleHammed Member Posts: 2
    Hi @GianmarcoPayoneer , I have a similar issue with @Autoclave. I have checked and then confirmed that my bank details are correct as this isn't the first time I am making a withdrawal to the same account. Please what can I do as the money is needed urgently.