Are payments delayed?

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Good afternoon.
I am a freelacce translator and sent the bank account info Payoneer has provided me to my client. The company transfered the funds on April 1st and I still have no funds in my Payoneer balance. Is this normal? The site informs this can take up to 7 days, but by now 10 days have passed with no news. I tried to contact support in regards to this payment but I have only got automated replies.
Please, can someone help me with this? This is the first time I use Payoneer...
Thank you.
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    @Kora65 Hello,

    We do apologize you have yet to receive your funds. On our end there are no pending payments coming into our systems. Can you confirm with the company if they sent the transfer via wire or ACH?

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    I will ask them... I'm not sure! Thank you for your reply =)
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    They only pay by check, EFT and wire... and from their end, they sent me the notification the payment had been done (April 1st).
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    Hello GianmarcoPayoneer!
    They only pay by check, EFT and wire transfer... so... ?
    They sent me notification that payment had been initiated on April 1st, and that it could take up to 7 days...
    It's strange because when I was transferred funds to my bank, it only two or three days (they always do inform it could take that long); and to be honest, Argentinian banks are not quite famous for speedy service! I mean, they acknowledged receipt... getting the money was another issue!
    Anyway, I'll try to find out more details about the transfer from the company .
    Thank you! :)
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    @Kora65 Thank you so much for being cooperative with us and providing us some more information. As soon as there is an update from your company regarding the transfer please let us know :)

    Thank you.

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