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I have not made the payments

nismah Member Posts: 4
1. nismah Member Posts: 3 ✭
April 13 in Ask The Community

Please help me
There are 4 payments which I did not authorize. I complained many times for them but there is no progress on my complaints. They are asking again and again for the same thing but not moving forward. They are asking for a screenshot of the conversation with the merchant. But I have not made these payments how can I talk to merchant? How to provide screenshot? I even searched on google but couldn't find anything.
I have not made those payments that were a fraudulent activity.
Then How to contact merchant? How to provide screen short? please help me

2...GianmarcoPayoneer Confirm Email, Administrator Posts: 1,593 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭
April 14
@nismah Hello,
Then you will need to have explained this to our support team of this exact scenario. Please advise them that is a fraudulent transaction which means that you are not able to reach the merchant to due this. Once you do, then the investigation will proceed.
Thank you.
first one is my post and the second one Payoneer employee reply.

Now I have explained them many times that this is fraudulent activity and I am unable to reach merchant becaue I don't know mercant. But they are not moving forward, repeatedly asking for same thing that is screen shot of merchant conservation. They said this is the only way.

They are not moving forward after explaining the exact scenario many times. There is no investigation, no response. Please help me in this matter. I even contacted them by live chat but again there is no help.

Please help me.