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Using Payoneer USD receiving account (first century bank) for getting my USA tax refund

Hello, i worked in USA for years and moved back to Turkey 2 years ago.

I choose my tax return method via paper check last year because i closed my USA bank accounts before i moved back to Turkey and got my tax refund paper check via postal service.

But i want to choose direct deposit method and use my Payoneer USD receiving account this year for my tax refund. (it is much faster thn postal service)

I talked with IRS customer service and they told me i can use any USA bank account on my name (checking/saving).

And i did some research and found a website (rttx) they are offering to get your tax refund via Payoneer.

And in this forum an admin (GianmarcoPayoneer) confirmed that rttx is one of Payoneer partners on March 23.

So in this case i think i can use my Payoneer USD receiving account (First century bank) for IRS direct deposit tax refund. And do not need a third party (rttx) company for this because i already filled my tax return papers.

But i want to ask if any admin can answer if we can use Payoneer USD receiving account for USA tax refund or NOT please?

p.s: my second question is; my payoneer usd receiving account shows a 9 digit routing number and 13 digit bank account number. Is it correct because i always had 9 digit bank accounts in USA before.

p.s 2 : i already submitted my USA driver license and it is approved by Payoneer also i added my 2 bank accounts from Turkey and they confirmed too.

Thank you.