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Account Blocked - Verification Not even Complete.

Sajid_Ahmad Member Posts: 1
---------------------------------------------------------------Newbie to Payoneer---------------------------------------------------------------

Hello, Everyone and Payoneer. I am very much annoyed with your customer support. You never reply to the emails and never support a legit user. However I am here to tell you about my incidence and experience with Payoneer and would like Payoneer Account section to look into the matter.

Cust ID: 3710-8917

I recently signed up for Payoneer. I am a freelancer and wanted to transfer funds into the account using Payoneer. I did completed the sign up process and got access to the account. It all was good but when I tried to add my bank account, I was told to provide some ID and proofs to get my account verified. However, I just sent them all the details whichever I had even though I mailed to them for telling if they found anything wrong so that I can give them the more details or ID proofs. Instead of listening to my request and understanding the matter. They simply just blocked me off from the Payoneer. I contacted Twice even today I contacted the customer care but all the news they had for me was That " I have been Blacklisted or Banned from Using Payoneer ". Even the Customer support 'Girl' seemed so rude while saying that I have been banned and can't use it anyhow she raised her voice at me like I have stolen 100000000000000000000000000000000000000$ from her and Payoneer. She said that I have " Voilated the terms and conditions" and can't disclose the details to me" Which is kind a ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I haven't even used it I was in the process of verification and waiting for my bank account and Id's to get verified.

"Now My Request to the Payoneer is that Please Kindly look forward into the matter" I can send you the videos of myself, ID's, bank details. Whichever is perfect for Verification. I will appreciate the move if you started resolving the issues instead of turning your back at them.



  • GianmarcoPayoneer
    GianmarcoPayoneer Confirm Email, Administrator Posts: 2,241 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @Sajid_Ahmad Hello,

    At Payoneer, we regularly review customer activity in order to keep our payment platform safe for everyone. In a recent review of your account upon registration, we noticed that some of your activity has gone against our Terms and Conditions.
    As a regulated financial services business, we are required to stop offering our services in these circumstances, therefore you cannot use our services anymore.
    We advise that you do not send any additional payments to your account, as they will be declined.

    Unfortunately, we can not disclose the reason. We recommend you look for alternate payout solutions as Payoneer can no longer provide it services to you.

    Thank you.

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