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Payoneer is a nightmare

mtg12345 Member Posts: 1
I've had the worst ever experience from Payoneer Customer Support. All I wanted from Payoneer was to cancel my MasterCard and let me link up my personal bank account with it. So I sent a numerous messages to Support my problems, messaged their Facebook page, and did everything that I can. It took them 12 days to respond, 12 freaking DAYS and they did not solve anything for me, instead, they sent me a NEW CARD, ON A REQUEST THAT WAS MADE A YEAR AGO. It takes you 12 days to reply, and I told you to cancel my account, instead, you sent me a card on an outdated address. I'm gonna have a heart attack soon. I need to transfer my money from my freelance earnings but Payoneer is doing everything that they can to charge me $30. I JUST NEED THAT CARD CANCELLED, IS THAT SO HARD?!


  • KazPayoneer
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    We're sorry for the inconvenience and that you have had a bad experience. It is not our intent at all.

    To explain the situation with more clarity, the issue is that you have a card-based account, which means the account is not functional if the card is blocked. The payment method can be changed, but you need to add your own bank account, not someone else's or a supplier.

    So moving forward you would need to add your own bank account so that the payment method can be changed. When you've done that please contact the team to move the payment method.

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