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Payoneer bad support response

arsalan_1 Member Posts: 7
One of payoneer supporting staff name "Rachel" not full filled my request while i was chatting with her after a long time waiting to get response. She just left the chat room without provide me satisfactory response.
my issue was payoneer charge me for annual fee of card while i didn't request any card.
who will reply me me regarding this issue.???????????


  • arsalan_1
    arsalan_1 Member Posts: 7
    here is conversation with Rachel.....
    Rachel: Hello and welcome to Payoneer’s Customer Care live chat service, this is Rachel and I look forward to assisting you today.
    Arsalan Ansari: Hello i want to know why you are deduction activation fee from my account
    Arsalan Ansari: what kind of this fees is??
    Rachel: Hi
    Arsalan Ansari: 21.80
    Rachel: Are you inquiring about the card activation fee?
    Arsalan Ansari: was thinking that its card fees.
    Arsalan Ansari: is that??
    Rachel: Please verify your date of birth please.
    Arsalan Ansari: xxxx
    Rachel: Thank you
    Arsalan Ansari: and one more thing that i mistakenly made payment request in AUD which should have been in USD.
    Rachel: One moment please
    Arsalan Ansari: OK
    Rachel: Do you have the payment request ID #?
    Arsalan Ansari: payment request id of which request??
    Rachel: What is the amount of the payment request ?
    Arsalan Ansari: ok let me check
    Arsalan Ansari: 208
    Rachel: Thank you
    Rachel: One moment please
    Arsalan Ansari: xxxxx
    Arsalan Ansari: this is transaction id
    Rachel: Thank you
    Arsalan Ansari: and activation fee transaction id is xxxxxx
    Arsalan Ansari: what is that "Activation Fee" is??
    Rachel: I am reviewing it now , please wait
    Arsalan Ansari: ok
    Rachel: Thank you for holding
    Rachel: The fee is for the card activation.
    Rachel: It is an annual fee
    Rachel: Is there anything else you need.
    Arsalan Ansari: but i don't have card received
    Arsalan Ansari: i didn't ordered any
    Rachel: Let me check
    Rachel: You have a USD card on the account
    Arsalan Ansari: but didn't received any card yet
    Arsalan Ansari: where is card?
    Arsalan Ansari: i didn't used
    Rachel: One moment please.
    Arsalan Ansari: i didn't activate any card.
    Arsalan Ansari: because i don't have any card.
    Arsalan Ansari: there??
    Arsalan Ansari: i am using this account from very old times and i didn't paid any fee for card.
    Rachel: Because you have the USD card on the account I need to request this to be reviewed.
    Arsalan Ansari: but i didn't received any card nor i ordered to send me card so why your charging me annual fee.
    Arsalan Ansari: i won't pay any annual fee for card
    Arsalan Ansari: because i don't have any card in my use.
    Arsalan Ansari: please adjust 21.80 back to my account.
    Rachel: The fee was cancelled.
    Rachel: Have a great day! Thank you for contacting us. Be safe!
    Rachel has disconnected.
  • arsalan_1
    arsalan_1 Member Posts: 7
    the last response she gave "The fee was cancelled." what that mean ??? any one knows what that mean????
  • mondometal
    mondometal Member Posts: 1
    I think she said that the fee in cancelled but i dont know if there will be any money coming back for you from this. Maybe she said that there will be no more charges from it.
  • arsalan_1
    arsalan_1 Member Posts: 7
    i didn't get any returned amount showing on transaction page.
  • arsalan_1
    arsalan_1 Member Posts: 7
    support are nightmare, we should move some other platform