Tow-step authentication

AhmadJawid Member Posts: 1
In my Payooner account, I have activated two-step authentication, but recently my mobile number has been deactivated so I am not able to login to my account it asks OTP. Can I open another account with different email address but with the same data, or is there any other way to login to my account? Thanks


  • GianmarcoPayoneer
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    @AhmadJawid Hello,

    If you have another phone number or wish to disable the two-step authentication method, you can request so via our support center. Please use the link below to contact them:

    Thank you.

  • LauraPayoneer
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    Hi there. Please send us a private message with your customer ID number, so we can check your case.

    However, for immediate assistance to change the phone number on your account, we recommended to contact Customer Support department. In the meantime, we appreciate your patience

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