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Account closed

Azadhossen241 Member Posts: 1
Hi, I am describing everything. Suddenly my account blocked without email notification. My account was alright a few days ago and i successfully made transaction. But now, whenever I logged in my account, it says account blocked. I cannot even join in live support during business days. In my account I just received money from freelancer marketplaces. I know that I didn't violate any terms. Point to be noted that i submitted my national id card on 30 April 2000. Before submitting, i made transaction. At the time of creating my account I put my birth certificate number in the field of National ID number. I did so as i didn't have government issued ID card that time and it was three year ago. However, whenever i am making money from fiverr and other marketplace, i told the everything to Payoneer live support before making transaction through Payoneer. I have chat history saved in my phone. They told me, when i will get ID, i should tell it to support.
I contacted so many time via email, but they did not tell me any reason why my account blocked. They told me to look for another payment method. But there are one alternative payment method, this is PayPal which doesn't support in our country. It will be hard for me. I am not doing any job. It's my primary income source. Form this earning, i support my family. So you should consider getting my account back. I am ready to provide all the necessary information and documents. If you wish to hear my thoughts why my account blocked, I can tell you. It's just because of giving wrong ID at the time of creating Account. Now i submitted id, it's not matched. I request you personally to investigate my account. Please.