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Using Payoneer for direct deposit from Fiverr. Also question about card.

thecontentpros Member Posts: 6
First question:
I've submitted my direct deposit request with Fiverr multiple times. Each time they say my account is not linked properly and the issue is on Payoneer's side. I go to my Payoneer account, go to funding sources, and send Fiverr custom support the Payee ID that it shows linked. Fiverr writes back and says the issue is still on Payoneer's side. I've submitted a support request with no answer to payoneer and now it says phone and live chat are closed. I don't know where else to ask about this. What am I supposed to do?

Second question:
Fiverr also says the fiverr revenue card is handled by payoneer. Mine was ordered almost 5 weeks ago to the U.S. and still hasn't arrived. If I had the revenue card I wouldn't be worried about direct deposit. When can I expect it to arrive?

Please, anyone who has been through something similar let me know how you resolved the issue in my first question. I have a $x,xxx waiting to be withdrawn that I desperately need. Or maybe someone like @GianmarcoPayoneer is able to help or provide insight.