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Card Security options on Transactions

deepakppd Member Posts: 7
Hi Friends,

My card has been blocked twice by Payoneer citing that some unauthorized tried to charge my card without my knowledge and to protect fund on my card, Payoneer blocked my card. (which is very essential)

Due to poor postal service of our country, my card never arrives by local postal mail and I always need to use expedite shipping via DHL to receive the card.

1. My first card didn't arrived by local mail and I use DHL by paying USD 40 as a shipping charge to receive my second card.

2. Second card was blocked by Payoneer without alerting/informing me and some misunderstanding arises, however dispute solved happily and thus Payoneer waived my shipping charge of USD 40 while sending third card.

3. Yesterday my third card was blocked by Payoneer citing that some "NBX*MoreFit/MoreYoga" attempt to charge it which was not authorized by me and they blocked my card for securing my fund on card which is so nice.

4. Now, I need to order fourth card again via DHL. Today, I replied email to customer care of Payoneer to consider shipping charge this time too and will also request to their chat service which is now I am waiting to get connected to their chat service while composing this text. Cannot guess what will be their version.


I have seen my few friends using other cards and for every transaction from which the amount is deducted from their card, they will receive one code (like OTP) on their registered email or mobile and once after entering that received code, then only the party can charge their card.

Whereas, what I experience from my Payoneer Master Debit Card is, wherever I enter my 16 digit card number with expiry date and CVC code, the party can immediately charge my card and my amount is deducted.

It is obvious that none other than me can provide all the details of my card as I am only responsible for the safe keeping of my card, however, if such code can come to me after transaction and only the party can charge my card after entering that OTP type code, then these types of fraud transactions can not happen, in my view and no need for blocking our card time to time and I need to re order it time and again.


Please let me know if anyone of you have used this features on Payoneer Master Debit card so that I can request the same to Payoneer.

Thank you so much for taking your valuable time reading this and helping me.

Deepak Adhikary


  • KazPayoneer
    KazPayoneer Confirm Email, Member, Administrator Posts: 1,559 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi there,

    We're sorry that you've had so many issues using the card. As the card is a prepaid debit card, we always encourage users to exercise the utmost caution whenever they put their card details on any website.

    While at this time we do not have any additional safety or security measures apart from the ones you've listed, we are definitely looking into adding more of them to provide extra layers for your card's security. We will also submit your feedback to our team for consideration.


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