I'd love Payoneer to work with Itch.io, Ko-fi and Subscribestar

Firstly, I'm from Turkey and Paypal is no more active on our country due to they refused to pay taxes to goverment. After that, making or receiving payments abroad has become difficult for Turkish users. Because most websites was using Paypal. And finally, there is a global alternative payment service to us, Payoneer. I am currently using Payoneer actively and I want you to be actively involved in other sites. Please take a look Itch.io, Ko-fi and Subscribestar.


  • mechPenSketchmechPenSketch Member Posts: 2
    Itch.io has now accept payoneer as payment (as I can personally testify), as does Subscribestar. What's left is Ko-Fi, in which I really want Payoneer to work with, too.
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