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Payoneer Keeps rejecting my documents & my payment not released

Tunde Member Posts: 1
I got the notification to submit my document for verification centre at first in 2018, and I had uploaded my passport for that immediately at that time. I uploaded my passport for verification in Sep 2018, and there was no issue at all at that time, no complaint, no passport reject for any reason, until today that I got a payment to receive, I was told that the passport I uploaded in September 2018 was not clear enough "Something I uploaded almost 2 years ago?". Unfortunately, at this time, the passport is already expired but I thought there won't be any problem since it was valid the first time I uploaded it. I uploaded the passport again for them to see it well only for me to get another response that the passport is old/expired. WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST CHECK THE FIRST TIME I UPLOADED THIS THING?!

I then uploaded my national identity document in its place but again I was told that was not the required document. The problem right now is there is no way I can get an international passport in my country as our immigration offices are already closed down due to covid19. I am just seriously confused and I need my money to reinvest into ads!