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What should I do?

MateusCassange Member Posts: 1
I applied for a Payoneer account more than 3 weeks ago and to date I have not received any email with any information about the status of my account.

I have already sent several emails to Payoneer and until today no response.

Help me please, what should I do to resolve this situation?


  • MohamedAtefECG
    MohamedAtefECG Member Posts: 4
    Hi Payoneer community,

    I have created my account 12 business days before and I was told that I should receive an email asking for more information regarding the verification of my account and that it should take 3 to 5 business days.

    Today it has been exactly 12 business days and I have not received any response. I have contacted the support through the message center for about 6 times already but each time I either receive an automated message telling me verification takes 3 to 5 business days or they don't reply at all.

    I wanted to delete my bank account and add it again to try and fix the issue but I couldn't since accounts pending verification cannot be deleted. I tried to add another bank account but I couldn't because I reached my limit.

    Basically, I have done anything I literally could do and I have not received one human response from Payoneer.

    Can anyone please give me any sort of solution or their experience regarding bank account verification? I seem to be stuck here and it looks like I will keep using other services despite Payoneer benefits because I simply can't use it.
  • MohamedAtefECG
    MohamedAtefECG Member Posts: 4
    I have the same problem and unfortunately, it doesn't seem that it will get fixed soon as it is currently impossible to contact support. If you try to contact them all you get is an automated response which is not helpful at all and is even more frustrating.