pending payment from last 18 days

zeeekmw Member Posts: 4
why you rejecting my address while I updated it 6 times.
Just see provided address and on my National ID card.
Both are same.
I receive an email after 3 days that address is still incomplete.

Why your approval department can't point a single error.
There is no color of my house,
There in no house number of my house.
We are in village.
I submit address like below 6 times.

Address line 1:Khan Muhammad wala,
Address line 2:tehsile bhera, district sargodha
Zip/Postal Code:40100

where is error?
Address line 1 is incomplete? OR
Address line 2 is incomplete? OR
city is incomplete? OR
Country is incomplete? OR
Zip is incomplete?

ID IS:37482486


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