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When will payoneer return my client's declined payement. ?

HamzaMalik Member Posts: 6
Hello, I hope you are doing great . PLZ return my clients sent payemnt so they can recieve it back and send me again through other payoneer payment options . ............
Between 16 may untill now , I had few payment requests from my international individual clients for my free lance services . I requested two payments in British Pounds and three payments in US dollars . Now on 22 may , payoneer emailed me this :

Dear Hamza Malik,
We have reviewed the information you recently provided about your line of business.
Unfortunately, we have determined that your specific line of business is not eligible for the following payment services: Request a Payment, Payments initiated by clients.
Reason for ineligibility: The sale of goods to consumers through an online shop and/or marketplace is not supported under our Terms & Conditions. See our FAQ for more information .
Right after receiving this email , I checked the status of my payment request. Out of those payments , Two with the bristsh currency were declined , but the remaining ones are still being processed by payoneer . I request payoneer to mark all my pending payments as denied so my clients can send them to me again.