Why my clients Rejected payment still on hold on my accunt ?

HamzaMalikHamzaMalik Member Posts: 6
Hello , Plz help me fix this issue I really need that money because i earned it through my hard work and payoneer is not showing any response ! .
I requested payments from my clients after this payoneer emailed me that (Note that any payment requests you sent that are currently pending, as well as any credit card or ACH bank debit payments initiated by clients that were sent to you, cannot be processed) . Its okay I agree that the payment cannot be processed . So the status of the payment request should be " denied" but when i go to my upcoming payments , the status they show is still " being processed" . I want a solid proof from my side that this payment was declined by the payoneer so that I can show it to my client and ask him to send again .


  • uzairazizuzairaziz Member Posts: 2
    My payment is also in pending and payoneer doesn't response, the worst customer care support..
  • uzairazizuzairaziz Member Posts: 2
    While payoneer sent me email that I can send payment requests to client, it means my account is ready to receive.
  • rayyrayy Member Posts: 5
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