my payment under review from 8 may and now 27 may 1 month to check a payment really ?

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my payment under review from 8 may and now 27 may 1 month to check a payment really ?


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    On May 14 i make transaction and on payoneer it shows approved and completed on the same date but did not received any money to my account and when i contacted Payoneer chat, a guy name Nicholas and when i explain my issue he disconnect and disrespect me and when i try again, same happen again and i wasted like 7 to 8 hour to connect to some one but no one is here.

    Its May 27 now and still my issue is there. I contact Ana even their Supervisor Warron, they lying gain and again that your problem will solve on May 17 and then May 18 and then May 21 and then May 27 and its still continuous... Remember Payoneer have Hire call center in Philippines which are doing chat and attend call but to be honest, they are disrespecting and not solving your issue.

    I contact them every day and wasting too much money and time and still they don't even talk to me. There are so many people facing the same issues. It so sad that payonner represent by a call center in Philippines and they do not care their customer even their call center suervisior Warron.

    Its so sad that payoneer is continuously teasing and making problems for their customer and not solving their issue even not responding their issues.
    Please i am begging you, solve my issue. I don't have no one to say my problem, a call center who do not listen to you, To whom i cry to, where is payoneer help. I am so disappoint and when this problem i will leave the payoneer for ever. They have no respect for customer, all they want to steal your money.
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    @cooperwaynelee Hello,

    Please be advised that your payment is currently being reviewed by our internal department under high priority. You should receive an update very soon via email. We ask you to kindly wait for that update.

    Thank you.

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