URGENT: Cannot withdraw funds from my Payoneer account to local bank!!!

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My bank account has been added to my account and approved, but when I go to the withdraw page it does not show up. I live in KOSOVO and my KOSOVO address is on my local account (my local bank is in Kosovo).

When I try to add a new local bank account my country KOSOVO is not in the list! Could this be a problem? How do I overcome this? My money is basically stuck if I cannot withdraw it to my local bank!

When I click on the local account under the "Bank Accounts" page, it says "Available only for direct payments from a paying partner." What does this mean?

Please respond to this!? This might be an issue for all Kosovars using Payoneer.


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    Please reach out directly to our support center via the link below, so they can provide further clarification with what is going on with your account and why you are not able to withdraw to a local bank account. Since this platform is a public forum meant for clients to discuss among each other, any personal information regarding to your personal account should only be discussed with customer care.

    We recommend you reach out to a live agent via phone call or chats in order to have immediate assistance.

    If you left an email, please expect a response time of 3 to 5 business days.


    If you are still not able to reach out to our support center, we do offer assistance via our social media channels Facebook and Twitter.

    Thank you.

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