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Hey guys,
I'm new to Payoneer. I got an issue with my account. During the opening time of the Payoneer account unfortunately I made a mistake with my bank account information.
I kept trying to get help from Payoneer by mailing and calling them but I didn't get anything useful to me.
Can you please give me some proper instruction on how to edit my account details or add a new bank account to my account. I have tried almost everything so I am feeling helpless now.
thank you


  • LauraPayoneer
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    Hi there. The account was not approved yet, so to change the bank details you need to send us a bank statement showing the new bank details that you want to register. It needs to include the bank's logo, the full name of the account holder printed, and the bank account number details.

    For security reasons, please send us here: document.

    Once you send the email, please provide us via private message the reference number, so we can proceed with the assistance.

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