My withdrawal request still not come why

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__Hello. My withdrawal request to my recipient bank account has been under review for more than 24hours now. What could be the reason? Please i need the withdrawal to be processed ASAP


  • shiza
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    I also face the same issue
  • shiza
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    Hi, I have made a payoneer account and had linked my fiver account with it. I have submitted my requested document. I haven't get any email by Payoneer for any further information required. There is no pending request by Payoneer either in the Verify Account page. I have to withdraw my earning from Fiverr on urgent basis as I need them quickly. Please, if there is some other information required, do let me know and add my fiver account.
  • GianmarcoPayoneer
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    @RMA and @shiza Hello,

    Please reach out to our support center in order to find out more information regarding the status of your account and withdrawals:

    Thank you.

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