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Using Payoneer to Pay for Print on Demand Orders

I use my Payoneer card as part of my Etsy business to fulfill orders. Is there a limit to the number of transactions I can do per day? Online sales have exploded and I'm getting upwards of 70 orders per day. I'm currently using Printful, Printify, Customcat, Teescape and Teelaunch. While Customcat and Teelaunch have arrangements with Payoneer, the others don't and show up as regular transactions with charges (1%).

I'm just concerned that I might go over a certain limit or amount and have my card blocked (Which would be devastating because that's where all my funds are)


  • LauraPayoneer
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    Hi there. The daily spending limit of your Payoneer Prepaid card is $12,500. You can make up to 30 cash withdrawals for a total of $5000 and up to 30 POS (point of sale) transactions for a total of $7500. POS transactions include in-store purchases or online transactions. Cash withdrawals include ATM withdrawals, cash disbursements, and bank teller withdrawals.

    Daily usage limits are set in accordance with regulations set by Payoneer, MasterCard®, and our regulators and cannot be increased. Specific ATMs may impose withdrawal limits of their own, as set by the bank operation the ATM. Fees need to also be considered for the limits and should be added to the amounts that you are attempting to access.

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