Withdrawl to wrong bank

Bilalmajaaz2 Member Posts: 7
Reference Number:196770219
I want to cancel my withdrawal because this bank account is not available to recieve payments from Payoneer.
IBAN is correct but this Local bank account(Easypaisa) doesn't operate with Payoneer.
Please help!
Will my payment come back since Easypaisa doesnt accept it.

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  • zamust
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    It's been more than 16 days, my account verification process is still under review and I did not receive any email for further documents to submit.
    I lodged a complaint (Reference Number: 200526-025471) however, no response has been received from the support centre.

    My Customer ID: 37723567

    Muhammad Zahid Mustafa
  • Iqbalmohal
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    Same here with me , dont know what they are doing .
  • chimaobi
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    Yes it will
  • chimaobi
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    Have u tried emailing them to see if ur problem can be solved
  • Bilalmajaaz2
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    LauraPayoneer Thank You So Much..
    Your reply was help ful😊
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