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Victim of fraud. Founds sent to a Crypto exchange.

NachoPayo Member Posts: 6
I'd like to hear if someone else has experienced this kind of situations to know if there's a precedent and to know what to expect.
Recently I was a victim of fraud, somehow someone got my card details and did all kind of purchases on the internet (mostly things on the UK). They literally emptied out my account, the interesting thing behind this is that most of the money went to a crypto exchange. I've read enough post here to know that normally payoneer doesn't allow for cryptocurrencies purchases... yet all of those transactions on CEX.IO were approved. Is there any precedent on this kind of situations? Should I expect a chargeback from all of those transactions ? I called Payoneer the very same day the transactions were done to flag them as fraudulent and the response I got was that they will start a "dispute" with mastercard and the merchants...
How come that payoneer normally stops crypto purchases but in this case they just let them go?
I'm exhaust of speculating about what can happen... so I'd like to hear if someone else have had this problem.