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Payoneer Withdraw Fee is Unfairly Higher than Upwork Direct Transfer

Hello Everyone,
I have a foreign currency (USD) bank account in Pakistan and I have added this USD account to my Payoneer account for withdrawal of funds.

When I tried to withdraw, the fee shown by Payoneer is too high (i.e. 2% of total transaction amount). so e.g. If I withdraw $1000, the fee will be $20. This may seem low for small transaction amounts but the fee scales up with amount of transaction so for like $5000, The Payoneer fee will be $100.

However, The freelance websites (like Upwork) charge fixed fee for each transaction. so If you withdraw $5000 from Upwork directly into your USD account in Pakistan, You'll only have to pay $30 Transaction Fee (compared to $100 charged by Payoneer for same amount).

This is a significant difference between Upwork and Payoneer (with Payoneer being Expensive).

Can anyone comment on any advantages of Payoneer - especially for Full Time Free Lancers? $5000 is not a big amount for full time free lancers and If you can open a Foreign Currency (USD) account in Pakistan, You can save a lot be completely avoiding Payoneer and Directly withdrawing Funds from Upwork to your Foreign Currency Account.

I only use Payoneer because I thought their fees are lower ( I may have misunderstood). But now it seems that I am unnecessarily using Payoneer and paying them significantly higher fees.

Would Love to hear from all of You....