Mon pigiste au Pakistan ne répond aux mails et message et il a encaissé 2300 euros via Payoneer??

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J'ai eu affaire avec ce pigiste sur le site Fiverr pour une commande d'applications mobiles sous IOS et android pour un montant de 2300 euros qui ma convaincu de passer par Payoneer et non pas par le site Fiverr car selon lui ils sont plus chers.
Au départ je ne voulais pas et il ma convaincu avec des garanties que son entreprise est bien implanté et il a que des avis client 05 étoiles et en fin signature du contrat de non de divulgation.
Aujourd’hui ne répond pas a mes emails et messages et appels téléphoniques???
Je vous sollicite afin de récupérer mon argent sachant je suis au debut de mon projet qui est compromis à cause de ce pigiste.
Merci pour votre aide

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    @Titou Hello,

    Based on the explanation you provided us, it seems you wish to file a dispute. In order to do so, you will have to contact our support center to request one. We do not handle disputes via this platform. Please use the link below:

    Thank you.


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    Hi there. We do not offer support in your native language in this channel, but please feel free to send us a private message in English if you require further assistance

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    I dealt with this freelancer on the Fiverr site for an order of mobile applications under IOS and Android for an amount of 2300 euros which convinced me to go through Payoneer and not through the Fiverr site because according to him they are more expensive .
    At the start I did not want to and he convinced me with guarantees that his company is well established and he has only 05 star customer reviews and at the end signing of the non-disclosure contract.
    Today does not respond to my emails and messages and phone calls ???
    I ask you to recover my money knowing I am at the beginning of my project which is compromised because of this freelancer.
    Thanks for your help
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