My Bank account is still Under Review

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Hello there
My name is Pratik Jethva and my Customer ID is 16038829

I'm Fiverr Seller, I need to make the transaction. so I do sign up on Payoneer, but it says you are already a member so I do Sign in with my mail but I think I had created about 1-2 years ago and forgot about it, now I see that in bank account section my bank account is still under review and I cant remove or add any other bank account, I tried to Message Payoneer but I didn't get any response.
so can you please tell me what should I do now?
My money is stuck in Fiverr I have to make the transections ASAP

please Help



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    Hi @pratikjethva90. We need more information to approve your account, please send us here: your complete home address [with house number, street name, a neighborhood name or landmark city, country and zip code] using this format:

    Address (40 character limit) Line 1:
    Address (40 character limit) Line 2:
    City /State:
    Postal Code:

    Once you submit the information, send the reference number via private message to follow up.

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    My bank account is still under review. Account status is showing action required. While nothing in verification center and in email account.
    My customer ID is 37389844
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