Unlinking payoneer account from upwork[URGENTLY SEEKING HELP]

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Hello Everyone! I would like to address a few issues that I am having for almost 4 months and I have received no help from the Payoneer customer care. In fact, I have been disabled to even call on the helpline and even I can't request a live chat. Well coming towards the main issue. I made a Payoneer account with a different name than that of my bank account. I couldn't successfully add a bank account to my Payoneer account but I successfully linked my Payoneer with my Upwork account. I have created a new Payoneer account and successfully added a bank account as well but now I am unable to unlink previous Payoneer account from Upwork. I haven't received a single penny from the past 3 months just because of this issue. I am really looking forward to your help. Thanks


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    Fgs please reply Payoneer.
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    @hamzajamshed Hello,

    Please be advised that in order to have to the funding source unlinked from the original Payoneer account, you will first need to submit a request directly to Upworks support center. Once they reply back you will kindly have to submit an email request to our support center via the link below:

    You will need to provide computer screenshots of communication with Upwork as well as the payee ID.

    Thank you and have a nice day.

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