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Withdraw didn't got to my account.

I'm trying to reach support for a week, every time I wait for 1 hour, at least, and when it's my turn, I just receive a message saying to contact support via e-mail, because there's no one found to give me the support I'm needing. E-mail support does not answer.

I requested a withdraw to my bank account 1st of June. Everything looks good on payoneer, it says the withdraw went on, my acc details are right... but the money never got to me.

I'm frustrated trying to talk with you guys. Honestly, considering that you deal with other people's money and that's your service, I was expecting a better support, and much more consideration for your clients.


  • alejotopro
    alejotopro Confirm Email, Member Posts: 2
    Hey did you fix this issue ? What happened after the days ?