I diddnt got the confirmation email from the payoneer after doing fisrt withdrawal to my local bank

sampath18sampath18 Member Posts: 4
This is my first time im doing a withdrawal to the bank through the payoneer .i have withdraw 50 dollars today morning .but i diidnt get the confirmation email that my money is deposited on my local bank .
Payoneer team please check


  • hiro3dhiro3d Member Posts: 3
    Hi, I faced the same issue. maybe It's because of the weekend. but not sure
  • sampath18sampath18 Member Posts: 4
    Lets wait for them to examiinnne it
  • hiro3dhiro3d Member Posts: 3
    when did you make the withdrawal?
  • sampath18sampath18 Member Posts: 4
    Today morning at about 3.30 am
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