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My Account is blocked !!!

Shunichi Member Posts: 1
My payoneer Account has been blocked without any valid reason or violation, and this account is connected to Appen which is my only funding source associated to my payoneer account, i sent a mail to Appen asking why i didn't receivae my monthly invoice and they told me that the payment process to payoneer failed and told me that (Payoneer has marked it inactive due to missing or additional information needed from you) however i have submitted all the required documents in your verification center as you asked for my ( ID, Selfie photo and a proof of residence) and i have submitted all of these required Documents..

Note: I have contacted you via phone call and Your customer agent asked me to provide a proof of my communication with appen.
You can find that in my mail with appen i have told them about my payoneer issue and asked if there is another method to receive my salary and keep my job, as you see they refused and said that since i have submitted my payoneer application, i can't submit a new one through the registration on my appen connect profile and i have to get my personal payoneer account active again, which means that i can't find any payment method anymore , which also means that my contract with appen will be terminated if this issue not solved as you see the details in my attached screenshot,

Note: Kindly, pay attention that this is my only job and i have a family of 3 kids and this my only one income source, i really don't know what i am going to do after losing my job especially after the spread of coronavirus, it's too hard to get another job and it will get my life worse as i am mainly depending on this job , i am pleasing you to understand my situation and help me to keep my job and i appreciate all what you will do.


  • GianmarcoPayoneer
    GianmarcoPayoneer Confirm Email, Administrator Posts: 2,241 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @Shunichi Hello,

    We do apologize for this inconvenience this has caused. Please understand that your account was closed by our department due to a violation of our terms and conditions for undisclosed reasons. There is nothing we can do unfortunately,

    You will need to contact Appen for alternate payout solutions.

    Thank you.

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