I've submitted All documents, but not getting reviewed or approved.

Hello Payoneer

on 16 Jun 2020, I've submitted all need documents .one of them got reviewed and approved. the other one is not getting reviewed yet.
please review my submission and approve my application
thank you
Customer ID 38442023


  • ruhithossain125ruhithossain125 Member Posts: 2
    It has been more than 7 days since I last provided the necessary information. I have yet to receive a notice. It should not take this long according to the information I received from previous workers on Fiverr. Please reply to this mail as soon as possible so that I may know why my registration has not been confirmed yet. Thank you.

    Towsif Hossain
    Customer ID 38797358
  • MMiguelMMiguel Member Posts: 1
    Hello Payoneer,
    I have been applying for an account since July 23, 2020. Today is August 11, 2020 and my application has not been approved.
    Can you approve my application?
    I need to collect money from the Fiverr and 5euros.com platforms.
    It's urgent.
    Thank you!

    Marius Miguel DJIKPONOU
    Customer ID: 39235048
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