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2 Fold problem - Can't order a new card and can't receive funds

nj9x Member Posts: 5
So I tried contacting Payoneer customer support, but I haven't received an answer in almost a week. At this point, I'm not sure that I will receive an answer at all so I decided to try my luck here.

I used to use Payoneer back in 2015-2017 and I have received funds before. I started working freelancer again and I saw that my card had expired, however, there is no option to order a new one. I read somewhere that I need to receive funds before ordering a new card but that didn't work as well.

When my client tried to send me funds he got the following error message - "It looks like -email- cannot receive payments initiated by clients. Contact -email- directly to arrange payment-".

Can anyone shed me some light on these issues?


  • nj9x
    nj9x Member Posts: 5
    Support tickets reference: