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Fee for transfer from Payoneer to Paypal

Robbe Member Posts: 1
Hello, I will recieve my first payment in dollars in some weeks from a company, so I added my paypal account in euros for automatic transfer. So what I want to ask is ,there will be a fee for this kind of transfer and how much is it? And since I added the paypal account in euros, who will make the conversion from dollars to euros Payooner or paypal?


  • LauraPayoneer
    LauraPayoneer Confirm Email, Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 716 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi there. If you linked your Paypal account to your EUR Global Payment details, there is no fee for receiving the payment on your Payoneer account.

    Regarding the conversion fee, if you have a EUR balance on your Payoneer account, the payment should be load on this balance. So there is no conversion.