I am from Indonesia, how do I fill the TIN and EIN we don't have that

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I am from Indonesia, the recipient of JERF Google funds. At this time my account is being asked to fill in tax information. We don't have a US tax number because it's not operating in the US. But still asked for the tax identity number.

We have a tax identification number (NPWP) in Indonesia and it does not apply when filling in the EIN or TIN number. How do we provide our tax information?


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    Hi there. Google is based in the United States. By law, all companies based in the US must comply with IRS (Internal Revenue Service) regulations. These regulations include collecting information regarding your tax status.

    We recommend that you check with Google, for information regarding your eligibility/requirement to receive a tax form. If you are unsure how to complete your tax form, please consult a tax adviser.

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