Account Blocked, No chat and calls.

cmrohid Member Posts: 2
My account was blocked since 7 business days, I have provided my legal documents, I want to send some more documents again, I had been trying to contact payoneer support, they didn't respond.

Also please note that,

- I didn't receive any emails from payoneer.
- I only made transactions between fiverr and my own bank account.

Thanks in advance.


  • sabbirhossain99
    sabbirhossain99 Member Posts: 1
    Customer ID 37750836 After a long time Balance blocked on my account with no explanation or any email from Payoneer. Chat unavailable and support not answering emails. A few days ago I submit my account verification documents Since then my balance has been blocked. That's why my many receiving transactions have been canceled.
    I'm really worried about this issue.
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  • mehedi1995
    mehedi1995 Member Posts: 1
    edited June 2020
    My Payonner account is already Blocked, I am new Payoneer user. But why my id closed? Please help me. I want my account unblock me.
    Customer ID-38354033
  • mahmud895
    mahmud895 Member Posts: 1
    same problem here ..

    is there any solution .... i got replay from bot ...
    is it real payoneer ... ????

    i need my account ..
  • Arbajk0786
    Arbajk0786 Member Posts: 2
    You got any solution?