Annual Fee

lee901lee901 Member Posts: 1
I'm confused about the annual fee. According to the last Payoneer update, it was stated:

"We are updating our fees, including adding an annual fee that will be charged only if you did not complete at least one transaction using your Payoneer account or your Payoneer card in the last 12 months. This update will take effect from July 8, 2020."

I have been charged the fee for the period June 2020-May 2021. Yet I have done numerous transactions during the last 12 months. In addition, it is not yet July 8th.

Customer service said I misunderstood the update. "The new terms means that even if there was no transaction made on your account, the fee will still be deducted."

What am I missing? Can anyone clarify, please?



  • sheikhmoinakhtarsheikhmoinakhtar Member Posts: 1
    I want to create a payoneer account to receive international transactions for my work of clients?
    Is it save and secure?
    Is there no charges for annual card fee if I perform a transactions. What minimum transaction I need to perform.
    Also I had to transfer money to my friends abroad.
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