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Payment pending since 6/12

rickypursley Member Posts: 6
My payment received via a partner company on 6/12 is still in a pending status.

I spoke with excellent customer support person NATALY at 01:46 PM on 06/22/2020 in reference # 200622-016893.

Please review that conversation to see she messaged the banking team to get expedited service on my account review as I am disabled and this is my sole income that is being held pending in my account. I am not able to pay my housing, medical, and food until my payment from Appen is released to me.

Please see all attachments sent in reference # 200622-020477 and forward to banking team. I am eager to answer all questions and provide all proofs needed to prove this is my payment.

I thank you most kindly for your assistance in resolving this quickly.

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  • rickypursley
    rickypursley Member Posts: 6
    Answer ✓

    My card was blocked on June 3. I NEVER received an email about the Wirecard insolvency filing. I found out by searching the support community forums that everyone but me it seems received an email on or about June 3rd regarding the insolvency filing and the Payoneer cards being blocked. Had I received that email, I could have asked my payment company (Appen Butler Hill) to NOT issue my monthly payment to my Payoneer account. It is now being held from me, I’m unable to transfer it to my US bank account and despite me asking for help and answers for over 2 weeks now, no one has been forthright and told me the truth. I’ve been lied to and told my account was “under review” which is not accurate. The reason my funds are being withheld from me are due to the insolvency filing and resulting blocks on all Payoneer cards. I’ve had my US bank accounts attached to my account for some time now and have NEVER been able to figure out how to get my monthly Appen payments transferred automatically as I never wanted to use the Payoneer card at all. You forced me to use your card, and now you are holding MY funds from me and not allowing it to be sent to my bank account instead.

    I wish to CLOSE my Payoneer account immediately and I demand my Appen payment be sent back to Appen or sent to me via paper check or transfer to my US bank account on file and currently attached to my Payoneer account.

    Furthermore, I’m contacting management at Appen with screenshots of communications, a timeline, and all important details and will be urging them to discontinue doing business with Payoneer.

    I expect a full resolution on my account no later than Monday, June 29th as well as proof my funds were released to me or back to Appen and confirmation that my Payoneer account is closed.

    Kind Regards,
    Ricky Pursley