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Live chat is unavailable. For only my account. Please make it available for me I need to add another EU bank to my account. Or if you are able to do it then please do it. Also I can explain why I need another EU bank if you want me to explain.

Customer ID: 14198231


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    @Riyad249233 Hello,

    Live chat is not available to everyone at first hand. Once you start doing more activity with our services, it will be enabled for you. Why do you need another EU bank? What is wrong with the details that we provided you with?

  • Riyad249233Riyad249233 Member Posts: 19 ✭✭
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    But my friend's live chat is available. And I am not new in payoneer. I have done many more activities before, check it.

    I added the one you provided to the paypal id which has a different name than the payoneer name so I cannot transfer my money. So I created another paypal with exact name as my payoneer but when I am going to add the bank to the paypal account it says the bank is already added to another paypal. Now I cannot even remove the bank from my other paypal. That's why I need a new EU bank. Hope you understand.

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